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Ice Fishing

  Maine offers one some of the best ice fishing there is! Maine has over 6,000 lakes and ponds and many of which are open to ice fishing. Fun fact- There are at least 2677 ponds in Maine that are unnamed! The ice fishing season for most of these waters runs from January 1st through March 31st with many waters open even longer, as long as safe ice conditions exist.

  The general law for most bodies of water allows for up to 5 lines per person to be used while ice fishing. This can be a combination of set lines, also known as tip ups or traps, and jig rods. A common setup is 4 tip ups baited with baitfish while the angler "hole hops" with jig rod in hand. This can be a very productive method of catching Lake Trout(togue) while tip ups are set for Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout. Jigging is also an extremely effective tactic when fishing for panfish, like Black Crappie, White Perch, Yellow Perch and Sunfish. 

  At Flying Ties, we offer ice fishing trips for coldwater and warmwater fish based on your preference. We even have ice shacks outfitted with propane heaters to keep you warm and dry on the coldest of winter days.  Shacks can be rented for the day on Moosehead Lake in Rockwood, where you can fish for coldwater species including Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon and even Cusk(Burbot), often referred to as the freshwater cod due to its tender flaky white meat when cooked. We also offer guided Ice fishing trips, if you would like a hand with the fishing or don't have your own gear. This can be a great way to learn if you are new to the sport as well. As a special package, we include the shack rental if you book a guide for the day. Guide's will fillet and cook your days catch right on the lake for you if you would like to keep a few to eat!

  It's important to note that we follow strict ice thickness guidelines and will not venture on unsafe ice, for the safety of our guests and our guides. Maine will often issue warnings to stay off lakes and ponds during periods of warmer temps. This doesn't necessarily mean that all ice in the state are unsafe at this time. Ice thickness varies from one body of water to the next. At times the ice can be unsafe on one lake and be over a foot thick on another pond just down the road, or even on another part of the lake! We are always observing and making sure that conditions are satisfactory before stepping foot on the ice. We reserve the right to cancel a trip if unsafe ice thickness exists. However, bookings are fully refundable in this scenario.

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