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Maine fishing report: August 2023

The rain continues... With a recent storm dumping more than 3"of the wet stuff over night, our water bodies are full of water and full of fish. I'm glad that I purchased a nice new wading jacket to start this season. If you don't already have one, I can tell you that they make a rainy day much more enjoyable. To the point that I don't much mind a thunderless storm on the water.

Anyway, fishing continues to be good everywhere I sample. Small streams are finally coming down to fishable levels. Lately I've been finding a small pheasant tail nymph drifted in the current has been successful. Think size 18 or smaller.

After turning a few rocks over in the streams, I sadly have to report that the bigger bugs like caddis and Mays are nearing the end for this season, at least in the western mountains. Instead, fish are keying in on midges, bait fish and terrestrials like hoppers crickets and beetles. Big trout love hoppers and often won't refuse a well presented pattern. Below is a link to one of my favorites easy ties.

In the lakes we're finding both trout and salmon 25-40' below the surface. Spoons have been the most productive for us lately dragged behind downrigger balls. Look for mouths of inlets with good dropoffs. The high water is bringing a lot of food in from the streams and this is where the bait fish congregate. You will also find pre spawn fish in these areas waiting for the right time to scoot up stream in another month. Depth finders can help you locate schools of bait and fish.

A healthy salmon my client caught recently in rangeley

Bass fishing remains good in the rivers they exist in. High water has them concentrated on the banks in slower water. Check under overhanging tree limbs and any structure you can find including rocks and logs. Wooly buggers in brown and olive are a good bet in these areas.

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